Naryaz has developed the JupiCar Fleet Leasing Software, which provides mobile-based and real-time monitoring and management of all stages of the vehicle from the proposal phase to the purchase, for the companies providing long-term car rental services.

JupiCar Fleet is an innovative system that can make cost calculation and second hand forecasting with Machine Learning which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence.

JupiCar Fleet Leasing System is a unique solution for monitoring revenue and expenses, predicting future cash flow and for easy execution of business processes.

JupiCar Fleet Software is a robust and scalable platform, which is is expandable to support a high number of vehicles  for Operational Leasing companies, with proven security and performance that is designed to offer a comprehensive solution.

JupiCar Fleet Management Software provides smart solutions in fleet management by controlling your fleet operations.

All data regarding the fleet is collected on the Web-based JupiCar Fleet Management System with unlimited users. It reduces costs and increases productivity by managing your fleet effectively.

JupiCar Fleet controls the process of after-sales services including Substitute Vehicles, Service Management, Maintenance, Damages, Accidents, Insurance Management, Tire Management, Traffic Tickets, MVT values and Inspections.

Try JupiCar Fleet Management Program for effective fleet management.

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