No more drowning in the ocean! Time to fly over the clouds…

Both technology gurus and investors describe “Cloud Computing” as the greatest change in IT world in the last 20 years. Are you ready to join forces with this new concept to boost your car rental services?

What is Cloud Computing?

As a consequence of representing Internet by a cloud symbol in almost every basic network diagram, “Cloud Computing” means running and accessing an application via the Internet. It’s most important property is that the users do not need to install anything on their local computers and there is no need to make much investment on IT as opposed to classical software systems. In the Cloud Computing approach, all resources and services are presented to customers on a “Pay-As-You-Use” basis. The online operating system “Windows Azure” offered by Microsoft in January 2010 is one the latest examples of Cloud Computing technology.

As a result of rapid changes in IT world, even some operating systems are becoming available online! So, to what extent can you follow this trend? Here, we offer you a user-friendly, easily deployed, easily maintained, integrated and web-based application to manage your daily car rental services and/or operational leasing business

NAR-RAC Web-based, Integrated, Operational and Daily Car Rental Systems

What are the Properties of Nar-Rac Car Rental System recreated by Cloud Computing Technology?

100% Web-based Architecture: Users can log on the system from any computer with an Internet access. There is no need to install an additional software or hardware!

“Pay-As-You-Use” Model: All services are provided to enterprises by the “Pay-As-You-Use” model. Thus, the enterprises minimize the finance and workforce required for a robust IT infrastructure. Shortly, your IT work is all handled by sheer outsourcing. In the beginning, you can pay a small amount and rent only a small subset of the software modules according to your needs. As a beginner, do not struggle against the IT costs. Instead, start using the system right away and produce your own value!

Software Service for either Sale or Rent: Our software services are applicable for both selling and renting. Besides, all system may be sold or rented as a whole or in separate modules.

Unlimited Number of Users: Licensing is not based on the number of users so there is no limit on the number of users!

Supporting Industrial Standards: NAR-RAC software is developed by Java respecting industrial standards. You do not depend on a certain product, operating system, database, hardware or platform anymore. Your are totally free!

Global Support: The system supporta all currencies. Daily exchange rates are automatically transferred from Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Scalability: The system can be scaled to any extent to meet the demands of your present and future needs regardless of your business volume, your fleet size, your customer portfolio, staff size and the number of departments.

Active Access Control: Only the people you choose can Access the system and the content.

Tangible User Interface: The web pages forming the programs are simple and user-friendly so that even the most amateur users can benefit. Users can use the NAR-RAC system as if they are checking their e-mails or using online banking.

Integrated Solutions Specific to Your Needs: You can upgrade to a greater and more comprehensive NAR-RAC package whenever you feel ready. Besides, “Accounting”, “Fixed Assets”, “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) systems which are also developed by NARYAZ can be integrated to your current “Car Rental System” as well as execute separately. You may obtain an integrated solution addressing your specific needs by integrating any number of these systems and using them simultaneously.

Automatic Software Updates: Software updates and program modifications due to legislative amendments are automatically installed and directly published to usage. Therefore, you will not fall behind with any legislative amendments and novelties!


Traditional software programs are both complicated, expensive and introduce additional burdens related to server hardware, uninterruptible power supply, data storage, data backup, network and operating system. Why should you deal with these burdens which require quite an amount of workforce and financial resource? You only focus on your car rental operation! Leave us the rest of the work related to IT! The service we offer does not only include software but also hardware, virtual server hosting, data storage, data backup, network services, operating system, load balancing, uninterruptible power supply and much more. At the cost of a one-year subscription, you can stop drowning in the sophisticated IT ocean and start doing business over the clouds!