Naryaz have been developing software solutions for Car Rental and Fleet Leasing sector since 1986.

Our modules, which support different types of daily rental and fleet leasing sectors and different services, provide services to companies in all sectors from car rental companies to large and corporate fleet leasing companies with different software packages.

JupiCar is a Web and Mobile-based Rent A Car Software for car rental companies. Thanks to its easy-to-use web-based interface, the advanced and practical technology platform, JupiCar, enables car rental companies to provide services that can be reached anywhere and at any time.

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Car Rental Software Packages

Our JupiCar Startup and JupiCar Professional packages enable the car rental companies to undertake the daily rental of less than 100 cars and aim to grow at a low cost, with a robust software infrastructure.

Thanks to web-based access, it allows Naryaz to receive services through cloud servers, without requiring companies to invest in hardware. Training, adaptation, application and maintenance are quick and easy in the current use and in the process of transition to higher packages.

Naryaz’s JupiCar Business and JupiCar Enterprise short-term Car Rental Software packages produced for  car rental companies with over 100 vehicles are Web and Mobile based Rent A Car Software solutions that allow you to move to higher packages as the number of vehicles increases. It consists of reservation, contract, vehicle reports, maintenance-repair, and current account tracking modules. The system can be viewed online and in real time. It enables speed and efficiency increase during the service phase. Improves service quality and accordingly customer satisfaction.
All Car Rental System Packages include Car Rental Program and Mobile compatible, Integrated Rent A Car Site.