Smart Economic Solutions for Operational Leasing by the Active Cooperation of Naryaz and Otoanaliz

NARYAZ and OTOANALIZ, which have proved themselves to be the experts in their work field, are the two leader companies in car rental and insurance sectors, respectively. They are determined to reduce their customers’ costs by developing integrated software Solutions in “Car Rental” and “Damage and Maintenance Management” systems.

The companies have joined forces to develop a web-based, real-time system which assists car rental companies in all the operational phases such as offer preparation, car purchasing, car rental, damage and maintenance management and second hand sales. This collaboration presents an integrated and flexible platform in which operational results are gathered and interpreted, incomes and outcomes are thoroughly monitored and future projections are calculated. The platform’s flexibility also provides the instruments for any possible integrations to other software systems via web Services, and hence develops the operation itself.

The intensely competitive environment and crisis management have unavoidably directed all companies to save money. Therefore, reducing and auditing the damage and maintenance costs have become a major target for all car rental companies. This platform helps sector managers to administer the damage and maintenance costs by themselves, be closely involved in business processes, redetermine the business methods, and most importantly, improve themselves with the least investment possible in a competitive environment as well as benefiting from the most advanced technology and software. The platform is flexibly designed to provide an integrated solution to handle growing amounts of work and vehicle portfolio in a graceful manner. Car rental companies may choose and use a subset of the several system properties according to their needs. The platform is robust and scalable with proven security and performance. Software leasing is also an option for minimizing software investment costs.

  • Offer preparation
  • Operational fleet monitoring
  • Profitability analysis
  • Monitoring business cash flow
  • Controlling maintenance, repair and insurance expenditures
  • Always the most up-to-date spare parts codes and prices
  • Compatibility check of spare parts via the catalogues of 50 different trades worldwide
  • Detection and correct pricing of multiple workmanship
  • Standardization of maintenance, dismount/mount, painting and repair workmanships
  • Online integration with contracted repair services
  • Supplying spare parts with high discount rates for contracted repair Services
  • Daily changes in prices and instant introduction of campaigns
  • Application of the “Pay-As-You-Use” system for insurances
  • Correct detection of damage and maintenance cost in car rental companies
  • Malfunction statistics and reports based on vehide type, trade and model
  • Acceleration of damage and maintenance processes
  • Controlling the substitute vehicle costs
  • Accessing information everywhere and anytime with PDA and cell phone integration
  • Remote monitoring and control of vehicles when they are used outside the predetermined boundaries without abiding the rules and regulations
  • Maintenance and repair warnings based on mileage
  • Budget planning