The system can be used as a totally integrated system or it can be integrated to another special system the company prefers. Since it is designed as a multi-user system, the one who has the necessary privileges can observe which operation is done by which person. (Privileges and limitations can all be defined in the system.) In addition to this, it is possible to work with as many money units as needed.

Accounting System

By this system, fiscal tables, official notebooks, financial analysis, watching the incoming and outgoing capital and evaluation of department performances leads to a more productive and effective management.

Cheque – Receipt

With this module, cheques and receipts (belonging to both company and customers) can be observed with all details. Integration with the Accounting Module is either automatic or due to permission.


This parametric system is integrated to the Accounting System.

Inventory Control System

This system controls the storehouses, mid-transfer of goods and ordering of certain goods. It prepares the planning sketch of stock management with certain controls and analyses. The system also supports bar code applications.

Fixed Assets

It is also integrated with the Accounting System. Watching and control of the fixtures, revaluation and sinking fund operations are carried out by this system.

Address System

Data pertaining to the potential and present customers of the company and also salesmen are stored here.

Management Information System

The system delivers decision-support centers all the necessary data about optimizing of certain events (both in and out of the company), usage of restricted resources in the most productive way possible.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger